The Manlius Historical Society is continuing to make progress on the preservation and restoration of the historical First State Bank of Manlius, Illinois, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.  The architect for the bank was Parker Noble Berry, a Princeton, Illinois, graduate.  He studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, both under the supervision of Louis Sullivan, who was the founder of the Prairie School style of architecture.  The bank opened for business in 1915.  Unfortunately, the First State Bank of Manlius fell victim to the Great Depression in 1933.  This structure is the only remaining unaltered building of Parker Noble Berry.                      

The First State Bank of Manlius has many unusual characteristics.  The windows are made of beautiful glass with words and designs etched into them and it has a unique floor of cork over cement.  Giant urns adorn the front of the building and they each have their own watering system.  The bank contains two large vaults (one below the other), two more safes, and a unique alarm and wiring system that was ahead of its time.  The interior of the bank has high wooden beams and two of the rooms contain skylights.

A unique aspect of the First State Bank of Manlius is that most of the contents are still intact.  It almost looks as though the employees turned off the lights, locked the door, and the bank is still awaiting their return.  The teller stations had been removed but some of them have been found inside the bank.  They were reconstructed by Ed Behrens in January 2011, using old photographs found in the bank.

With generous donations, fundraisers, drawdowns, and many donations from many people working inside the First State Bank of Manlius are progressing.  The interior painting of the walls is complete. Interior paint was donated by Sherman Williams of Peru and Princeton.  Most of the beautiful cherry wood trim and woodworking have been refurbished.  Four honor student interns from the Electrical class of Sauk Valley Community College, under the watchful eye of their instructor, Loren Niemeyer, replaced much of the electric wiring system, outlets, etc.  They donated their labor for this project.  Roger Johnson, a Manlius High School graduate, duplicated and donated the two original small stained glass windows located at the front of the building. 

With the help of these people and countless others who have donated their time, knowledge, or financial assistance, the Manlius Historical Society is continuing to preserve and restore the First State Bank of Manlius one dollar at a time.  We invite all of you to come to see our progress.

New members and donations are always welcome.  Our address is P.O. Box 134, Manlius, IL 61338 


In October of 2007, members voted to follow the guidelines of Standard Preservation and be conscientious of restoration, if possible, in the restoration of the First State Bank.

1.Apr 2002: Purchased the First State Bank from Sandy Boender. 
2.Sep 2003: Jeff Ericson replaced the chimney.
3.Aug 2003: K & H Ent. repaired the roof.
4.Feb, 2004: University of Illinois Students, Structural Analysis Report.
5.Oct 2005: Wamhoff tuck pointed sides & back of bank building.
6.Jun 2006: Double S Masonry tuck pointed front of the building. 
7.Dec 2006: Don Johnson installed new door sill at rear of building.
8.Jun 2007: Wendler Engineering did a structural report. 
9.Jul 2007: Carlson’s Lock Service-Change Door Locks.
10.Jul 2007: Dick Uttenhove painted all outside wood at front of the bank. 
11.Aug 2007: Stoner Sign painted “First State Bank” on front window in   24K gold.
13.Aug 2008: Bullington Isaacson Constr. repaired back wall of main floor.
14.Jan 2009: Bullington Isaacson Constr. repaired & plastered other walls.
15.Feb 2009:  www.Manliushistoricalsociety,org web site set up by Bob Andersen.
16.Mar 2009:  Loren Niemeyer & Sauk Valley College start electrical work.  Prepaid expenses
17.Jun 2009: Pat Glafka, Betti Appenzeller, Bob Andersen, Lois Swanson & Tony Baker cleaned, using Watco Danish Cherry Oil on most wood.
18.Mar 2009: Mark Glafka and Ona Andersen donated framed copies of Parker Noble Berry Design Drawings (Graphite on tracing paper) from  01-14-1914. Mark was able to obtain from the Art Institue of Chicago.
19.Sep 2009: Combined Cleaning cleaned inside of building in preparation for painting.
20.Oct 2009: Bullington Isaacson Constr. finished repairs and D. Uttenhove painted ceilings and walls.
21.Oct 2009: Kurtz Glass replaced 3 pieces of glass in President’s room ceiling and hallway.
22.Oct 2009: Sherwin Williams of Peru and Princeton donated all of the paint for walls and ceiling for the bank.
23.Jun 2010: Sewer company breaks tile in alley causing water, etc. to flow into basement.  Our insurance paid for cost of new furnance, dehumidifier and clean up.
24.Nov 2010: Gail Swanson cleaned brass teller cages.
25.Nov 2010: Ed Behrens to work on basement stair wall and teller cages.  Work in progress at this time. Will complete in Spring 2011.
26.Nov 2010: Anne Christensen, Beth Rudiger and Lois Swanson sent letters to Manlius alumni, seeking donations.
27.Nov 2010: Mary Oberg repairing Manlius High School Senior class pictures.  Prepaid supplies
28.Dec 2010: New furnace by Happy Days.
29.Dec 2010: Ed Behrens begins work on Teller Cages & Cabinets
30.Jan 2011: Paid Ed Behrens partial payment on supplies
31.Feb 2011: Ed Behrens completed construction of the cabinets for the teller cages at the bank.
32.Apr 2011: G&D stained new wood cabinets for teller cages
33.Apr 2011: Jim Jaggers repairs and paints Outside Burglar Alarm
34.Apr 2011: New pewter drawer pulls installed on teller cage drawers and doors
35.May 2011: Roger Hanich puts Burglar Alarm on front of Bank Building
36.May 2011: Mark Krug Cleans brass knobs on vault
37.May 2011: Pat Glafka, Bet Appenzeller, Lois Swanson, Bob Andersen, Kenny Rogers, Deb Cushman, Gail Swanson, Beth Rudiger Stained Wood, sanding & painting vault doors, general cleaning
38.May 2011: Johns Glass installed glass in Teller Cages & Cabinets
39.Jun 2011: G&D will complete work in bank.
40.Jun 2011: Bob Andersen receives bids and ideas on bank floor
41.Aug 2011: Mary O’Berg finishes repairs to Senior Class pictures
42.Aug 2011:  Loren Neimeyer installs 2 fans/lights
43.Aug 2011:  Bob Andersen completed work on cleaning vault.  Gail Swanson also helped clean vault door hinges.
44.Aug 2011:  Mark Glafka, Deb Cushman and Betti Appenzeller worked in bank vacuuming above vault, emptying Men’s room to prepare for plumbing and sweeping basement to remove dirt.
45.Sept 2011: Pat Glafka and Betti Appenzeller painted ceiling and walls inside the vault.
46.Sept 13, 2011: Tom Paladeau installed new sewer, donated installation
47.Oct 2011:  Charter Sponsors plaque donated by Patricia Flaherty Haines
48.Oct 7, 2011:  Sandy Boender donated Lot east of Bank bldg to MHS
49.Dec 2011:  Purchased a Lifetime Member plaque in honor of Paul and Ona Andersen family and a Corporate Sponsor plaque.
50.Dec 30, 2011: Rich Frank to Work on Basement Walls. Plaques to be
installed for Charter, Corporate and Lifetime Members
51.Jan 2012:  Rich Frank made repairs to mortar in basement, sanded library floor, cleaned other floors.
52March-June 2012:  Patti Glafka painted the concrete floors and the bathroom walls. Bob Andersen & Pat Glafka sanded and varnished several doors and woodwork.
53October 2012:  Rich Frank repaired roof over Library Room
54October 2012:  Ed Behrens installed new back storm door & screens on windows
55December 2012:  Pat Glafka donated (2) plaques for outside front of
of Bank:  First State Bank History & Manlius Historical Society History
56December 2012:  Rich Frank repaired downspout on back of building
57April 2013, Installed New Chair Lift to 2nd Floor
58May 2013, Painted Staircase to 2nd Floor, Blake Vinson
59May 2013, Removed carpeting, 2nd Floor, Rich Frank
60September 2013, Sanding 2nd Floor fur floor back to orignal state, Blake Vinson
61September-October 2013, Stain & Varnish 2nd floor Wood, Pat Glafka
62October 2013, Installed New light fixtures and receptacles, 2nd floor, Mike Choinere
63October 2013, Connecting Bathroom to water, plumbing work, Tom Cushman
64October 2013, Furnance repair etc, Tom Cushman
65October 2013, Staining Trim, 2nd Floor, Bob Andersen
66October 2013, Installing Trim, Bathroom Repair etc, Richard Frank


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